Laser Spine Surgery Network in Tampa, Florida

Laser Spine Surgery Network has four operational clinics, one of which is in Tampa, Florida. There, Florida back pain sufferers can get the care they need. In fact, many “medical tourists” from around the globe visit our state-of-the art surgical center. Laser Spine Surgery Network opened in Tampa, Florida in 2005. Since then the Tampa clinic has been the forerunner for minimally invasive laser spine surgery. The goal and mission at Laser Spine Surgery Network is to relieve the pain and make a difference in the lives of those suffering from debilitating neck and back pain. Laser Spine Surgery Network treats patients from around the globe, and with nine expert surgeons on staff, Laser Spine Surgery Network has become the only place where patients can receive treatments in an accredited facility, by an expert staff in less than one week.

Our group of highly-capable laser spine surgeons specialize in endoscopic surgical rehabilitation to treat patients safely and effectively. Surgery is conducted through an opening in the skin less than 1-inch, reducing the chance of infection and speeding up recovery.

How the Process Works

Unlike other spinal procedures, which rely on intrusive surgery, and require long term healing, Laser Spine Surgery Network’s endoscopic surgery clinics provide the best treatment to back pain sufferers with the least damage to the surrounding tissue.
During an endoscopic procedure, laser spine surgeons place a series of graduated tubes into a small incision, slowly increasing in size and creating a route to the spine. Our laser spine surgeons later insert lasers and other instruments that help remove tissue compressing spinal nerves. The entire process pushes surrounding muscle and tissue out of the way rather than cutting it, shortening recovery time and keeping pain at bay.

Who is Laser Spine Surgery Network?

Laser Spine Surgery Network is the leader in endoscopic spine surgery, performing more minimally invasive outpatient spine procedures each month than any other spine surgery center in the country. Our laser spine surgeons operate from a network of regional surgical centers, ensuring patients get quality care with local convenience.

Best of all, we’re close to home, letting patients enjoy a speedy recovery surrounded by family and friends.

Whether you suffer from a herniated disc, back spasms, bulging disc, are seeking sciatica treatment or are struggling with some other life-altering back condition, call us today and learn more about how the laser spine surgeons at Laser Spine Surgery Network can put your life back on track.