Is there a Laser Spine Surgery Provider in Chicago, IL?

Are you looking for Laser Spine Surgery in Chicago?

Although Laser Spine Surgery Network does not have a facility in Chicago, there are four conveniently-located clinics across the U.S., one of which is in Philadelphia – less than two hours away from Chicago.

Back pain sufferers face a seemingly endless list of frustrations, from limited range of motion to learning to cope with doing less as the pain increases and medications stop working, and the list of treatment options in Chicago is limited. Laser Spine Surgery Network is the best option in laser spine surgery. All of the facilities are state-of-the-art and is the safe and effective alternative to open back surgery.

Laser Spine Surgery Network is the leader in endoscopic spine surgery, with procedures that get patients back to daily life with as little down time as possible. Laser Spine Surgery Network has experience helping over 30,000 people, in Chicago and elsewhere, since 2005, providing laminotomy, endoscopic discectomy, facet thermal ablation and other endoscopic spinal procedures that restore your livelihood.

During an endoscopic laser back surgery procedure, a highly-skilled Laser Spine Surgery Network surgeon places a series of graduated tubes into a small incision, slowly creating a route to the spine. Lasers, and other instruments are then used to help remove bone and tissue compressing spinal nerves. The entire process pushes surrounding muscle and tissue out of the way rather than cutting it, shortening recovery time and keeping pain at a minimum.

While other Chicago surgical centers focus on traditional therapies, Laser Spine Surgery Network specializes in innovative techniques that maximize quality of life and minimize discomfort. Whether patients suffer from herniated disc, pinched nerves, spinal arthritis or  other life-altering back conditions, Laser Spine Surgery Network will work with them to create a customized surgical approach that will get them back to living the life they once enjoyed.